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MurrayM 04-04-2015 12:38 PM

Free fuel for a year (LEHR promo)
Now that I have your attention ;)

(Not employed by, or associated with this company in any way other than having purchased a Lehr 9.9 get home kicker a couple years ago).

LEHR propane outboards has a North American wide promotion going on until June 30th, 2015;

"Starting on February 12th 2015, boaters across North America who purchase any of LEHRís five outboard models ó 2.5 hp, 5 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp or the new-for-2015 25 hp ó will qualify for a yearís supply of free propane. For each qualified outboard motor purchased, you will receive a Fuel Rewards Card with a value based on the typical annual consumption of fuel per year and the U.S. average cost of propane per gallon."

Sounds like with the introduction of the 15hp and 25hp models, LEHR is ready to make a serious move into the marine outboard market.

Is this enough of a nudge for you to make the move to a propane outboard?

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