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Andy G 08-16-2014 07:48 AM

Bledisloe Cup:
OK this is for Aussies and Kiwis's only;

Rubbish!-Well a bit harsh , but not great.

CPseudonym 08-16-2014 01:24 PM

If only The United States where a civilized nation and followed real sports...

Peter B 08-16-2014 10:09 PM

Andy…I agree. Neither side will be happy. The Blacks managed to prevent the Wallies from getting their first win in ages, but the Wallies prevented the Blacks from achieving the world Rugby record for consecutive wins, so neither side achieved their objective. The only naughty thing I am tempted to say is, was there a sightly gold tinge to the ref's strip..? Let's just say..somewhat pedantic performance, anyway…and leave it at that.

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