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Arcticspud 05-21-2014 10:21 AM

Bending wet exhaust tube
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The PO installed a non spec tube on the port engine that ran from the heat exchanger to the exhaust elbow. It is a really tight spot with both ports within 12" of each other and at 90 to each other too.

The ports are 1 3/8" and I am having a tough time making the bend without developing a kink. Does anyone know how to make a bend with introducing a kink? Do I hear up the whole hose in hot water?

Trident makes a corrugated hose, but the smallest size is 1 1/2" so that is out.

Here is the non spec hose. Attachment 30050

Larry M 05-21-2014 10:40 AM

Instead of trying to bend the exhaust hose, which will put pressure on each end, take a look at Centek Industries. They make fiberglass exhaust elbows for the marine industry. A 45 degree elbow, supported, might work. I have a couple of theirs in use.

Centek Industries - Products

Arcticspud 05-21-2014 10:48 AM

I thought about that. The hose is 1 3/8" which is 1.375. I have not found an elbow that size.

obthomas 05-21-2014 10:51 AM

Use a longer proper hose with gradual bends and loop it if necessary.

Arcticspud 05-21-2014 10:57 AM

I guess I was wondering if I heat up the whole hose will I be able to bend it without introducing a kink.

It's a crappy layout that I get to fix.

Ski in NC 05-21-2014 10:57 AM

Go to the auto parts store and look on their rack for a car radiator hose with the right inside diameter and preformed bends. Cut the hose to get the bent portion that fits.

Phil Fill 05-21-2014 11:33 AM

I would go to a local muffler shop and have them bend SS tubing for you. Most have a hydraulic press than can bend up to 90 degrees. I replace my disel fill hose and had them bend some 1 1/2 SS for me. They did it for free while I waited from their scrap.

LarryM 05-21-2014 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by Ski in NC (Post 235594)
Go to the auto parts store and look on their rack for a car radiator hose with the right inside diameter and preformed bends. Cut the hose to get the bent portion that fits.

Ski is absolutely right. With the exception of the raw water connection to the sea water pump and the exhaust hoses, virtually all marine engines are plumbed with formed, reinforced hoses of automotive quality and construction, and single-clamped to boot! Automotive grade hoses are designed to operate at pressures and temperatures far exceeding anything they will see in service on a pleasure boat engine. The outlet temperature of the raw cooling water should only be warm at most, and under very low pressure. Go get a formed hose at the nearest auto supply, trim it to fit, and you will be just fine.

M/V Boomarang

Arcticspud 05-21-2014 08:16 PM

I see a stainless elbow as a temporary fix. Stainless is great right up to the point it fails. I would like to find a 1 3/8" elbow made from resin similar to the exhaust systems.

C lectric 05-21-2014 10:49 PM

I agree with Ski. I've done the same thing. Gates and other hose mfgr. have catalogues with all kinds of hose bends. I bought one and trimmed the legs to suit.

HopCar 05-21-2014 11:57 PM

Trident has come out with a new multi-purpose hose called Ocean-Flex.
It can be used for almost any purpose on a boat and they say it "Provides exceptional bend-ability..."
I haven't seen it yet but it looks pretty good on paper.

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