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Troy 09-23-2013 09:03 PM

Evans Head NSW to Port Albert Vic in a 49ft McLaren Timber trawler
Early december 2012,
We crossed to bar at about 10 in the morning arfter about a week of getting her ready for the 1800km trip home.

We traveled down to coffs habour NSW to drop off previous owner.

Troy 09-23-2013 11:51 PM

Hello again sorry about that !!!!!
Just spent over an hour typing out trip minimized page and lost the lot.
Wont be doing that again haha.
like i was saying we droped of previous owner and headed for broken bay now what a top spot
we arrived quite late at night achored and left at daybreak to cross sydney harbour entrence, in the daylight, passed sydney and by that mid morning we had discovered a few minor problems water was comming in on the s/b side in the center hold will post video later heading towards ulladulla to pick another crew member when we got to ulladulla that evening tied up and up to pub for tea and a few drinks as you do. Next morning up to bunnings (big hardware store) to get some roofing screws sowe can screw from the inside out so after carfully measuring the right size we put in hundreds of roofing screws reason being all the fasting were no good we were told they were but now we are on the hard stand we know there not and weren't any good (thanks Pal) we left ulladulla that night heading for home some 50 odd hours straight we passed green cape light house stopped for a rest and a fish check oils and water grease shaft and heading for gaybo Is the wind came away at gaybo as it does so im told to 30-35knts from the S/W right on the nose 3.5-4.5m waves but she keeped going and hardly let any water over the bow except for some spray very high in the bow. we soon passed through all of that we stayed on the outside of the oil rigs in bass strait about 100nm to sea where the big boys play all the container ships travelling at 20 + kts make you look like your standing still we arrived home safe an sound having travelled about 1800km using less then 1000 lts fuel average speed about 8knts top speed 12kts thanks to the great eastern current

Troy 09-24-2013 12:28 AM

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here is a video of the water coming in

AusCan 09-24-2013 03:01 AM

Sounds like quite an adventure Troy.
That leak looks like its right at the waterline. That the first place the caulking will let go.

Give her a proper check-over on the hard. Hopefully, there's not too many surprises.

Tidahapah 09-24-2013 03:04 AM

Looks like a trip on the hard stand is coming up for a bit of refastening , caulking and puttying.
Something worth looking at if doing a few seams is after caulking instead of using putty or Sikaflex use Norflex and semi rigid epoxy putty.
I have a couple of friends whose boats are seamed with it and have started using it myself. Bloody good stuff and doesn't crack out as much as standard putty and also has a bit of give.

Troy 09-24-2013 05:40 AM

Whats the go with the reply disapearing when uploading pictures typed for two hours all gone :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

Troy 09-24-2013 07:56 AM

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Doing some thing wrong to much typing for nothing tells me to refreash page and resign in and when i get back its GONE so here are some pictures

Steve 09-24-2013 08:48 AM

Lost typing:
When I am going to post a long message (not often) I first type it out as an email then I copy and paste it on the web site. Like you I have lost messages after a bit of work putting them together.
Good luck on getting the leak fixed and good cruisin'

Edelweiss 09-24-2013 12:15 PM

Yes, most definitely use a word processor or email to write your posts and then copy and paste to the forum page. If you're using WiFi or have any issue with your internet, the forum page you are typing your post to may have to be restarted and goodbye everything you typed. The longer it takes to type the message, the more likely that will happen.

Sounds like an interesting trip, as I don't know a whole bunch about boating in Aus. it was very interesting using Google Planet Earth to retrace your path. :thumb:

Nomad Willy 09-24-2013 03:22 PM

Sometimes my hand kisses a button or? and poof ... all is gone. Really bad w a long deeply thought out post.

So for a long time I've been copying the post every paragraph or so if I remember. A bit of time spend avoiding the problem but even if it's more time spent one never experiences the big POOF ........

Troy 09-24-2013 05:27 PM

Thank you everyone for the heads up great idea with the email never thought you could but love it
Lots to tell we have had some good adventures getting it to the hard stand I tell ya

Troy 09-24-2013 08:21 PM

We arrived at Yaringa boat harbour 19-08-2013 to watch Tracey Lea come out of the water.
It was incident free l had seen it out of the water before purchase, but had forgotten how big she is out
After a Quick clean not that fury she was placed in her new home. didn't take the boys long
and she was sitting there all by her self about 700mm off the ground. Fully propped up not going anywhere finger crossed (ha-ha)
We started to strip her the next day prop off anodes and keel cooling as well.
The sand blasters then arrived and had it done in 5-6 hrs which saved us a heap of work and did a
great job very happy with that. Next out was the fuel tanks in the center hold came out with not to much trouble,
we are changing the steel ones for aluminium truck tanks 4 x 230lts all equalized but with taps to isolate tanks that are not being used to hold diesel
so when were are just bobbing around out the front we may only carry 250lts in the front two tanks leaving back tanks dry, these
will be placed in the E/R outside edges on the wings. this leaving more room in the center hold for the master cabin one day

The set up of Tracey Lea is the engine is mounted in the middle of the back deck not like most trawlers where the engine is
under wheelhouse on forward mounted wheelhouse vessels, not sure if this was normal or why McLarens did this but,
the prop shaft is only about 7ft long overall and makes the center hold massive which is great not much head room
but can change that when new coach house goes on.
Motor, Gearbox, cutlass bearing and prop shaft out for access to ribs also engine beds removed the engine room has nothing
in it except just that room clear open work area. then the gunk and plenty of it cleaned for three days after years and years of bilge build up
but we got there all clean you can see in the pictures some of where the engine just came out and the gunk in the bilge and after the clean big difference.
Two planks off each side about 3m long where removed they had patches in them and the mate hates patches also gave us access to the ribs to date we have around 14 new ribs in
the old ribs never went to the keel the stopped short by about 50mm and relied on the deadwoods every 500 -600mm apart through the boat and the garboard plank for support.
The over all condition of the timber in the boat is spot on good as the day it went in lm happy as a pig in - - - - about that let me tell you.
22 more ribs to go in rib size is 33mm x 65mm. all the ribs are getting replaced in engine room rest look find just check fastenings

Auscan and Tidahapah were spot on in there thoughts about refastening and recalking most of the fastenings in the engine room were shot due to electrolysis.
take the screws we put in and out the rib came with the last screw but that's why we are on the hard for to fix her up new again.
The putty looks in good shape and is hard but nothing behind it caulking all gone and she hasn't opened up much only 1-2mm so what caulking is left its as tight as tight
every seam top to bottom is getting raked out and new caulking 9 ply cotton going back in. Paint to the decks and bow has been removed both sides
some of the gunwales have seen better days even the capping rail is shabby but will concentrate on the hull first capping rail want keep me a float ha-ha
will try and keep on top of this thread and the pics
PS Benn (Tidahapah) will look into your recommendations with norflex and putty. What size steering ram have you got mate travel shaft size please want to change to hydraulic steering
Cheers Troy
Love the email idea steve :thumb:

Troy 09-24-2013 08:24 PM

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nearly the latest picture

eagle419 09-24-2013 09:28 PM

Good Stuff Troy. This is going to be a great thread.
cheers, John

Troy 09-24-2013 10:05 PM

Thanks John
Yes mate exciting times ahead there are some days you think to yourself what do you think you are doing, but keeping a picture in my head enjoying with family and friend and it will be all worth it.

Tidahapah 09-26-2013 04:34 PM

Re hydraulic steering.
I have a Hydrive unit 313 SN. This unit is 18 years old and no longer available.
It has a 2" dia cylinder, 3/4" shaft and a 9" stroke.

Contact Hydrive directly off their web site you will find them really good to deal with and they are an Australian Co.

I have just had them rebuild mine during the Tidahapah refit.

Troy 09-30-2013 04:35 AM

Thanks Benn Just putting the feller out cheers

Troy 03-02-2014 06:56 PM

McLaren Rebuild
4 Attachment(s)
Well hello everyone,
Itís been a long time since my last post here on T/F but have been busy with work. Tracey Lea is still on the hard 6 months on with all new ribs in which have been 95% roved up Stringers have been through bolted in engine room and three new dead woods have been made and fitted also. Had a few good mates come down and help remove old caulking and burn off the paint that was my 40th birthday prezy what a big job. The planks have opened up as much as I think they will. All of the old caulking has been removed from keel to capping to date we have put in over 1500 fastenings into her with a lot more to go. We have nearly finished in the engine room a few grown knees in the tuck or quirk (not sure on spelling) right above the prop on the inside to be removed and cleaned up and reshaped before being re-placed into position and through bolted with copper bolts and 316 stainless steel washers and nuts. Some off the grown knees will not make it back in because where only put in to help hold her together because of pour fastening and the two hard basket from P/O enough about that. Pictures to follow of another surprize left by the P/O the Knee Above the prop was in a bad way in 4 bad ways to be honest, lucky have a mate who is not taking any short cuts. IMG_1235.jpg
Hard to see but this knee came out in 4 pieces, patch after patch after patch any wonder it was leaking from the sternpost IMG_1266.jpg
All the pieces removed and template in.IMG_1268.jpg
New grown knee fitted and through bolted in place bolt was made from 1/2 cooper rod about 650mm in length it now has more bolts into sternpost but no photos Much nicer work being done this time.IMG_1316.jpg

Above are all the new ribs in and roved down bottom middle, two of the three new deadwoods and above centre are the knees to be removed in the tuck or quirk, stringer bolts are shown as well IMG_1402.jpg
Looking over the starboard side new ribs and deadwoods last three from left to right We also have the new garboard plank back in which in this caser was a massive turning point for the project reiterated by Jeff, which has been great to hear keel and garboard plank seams have also been painted and double caulked. Our plan over the next three or four days is to get the centre hold and focsle sanded and undercoated before we start to fill her with saltwater to start closing the planks with plenty of work to go on with in the meantime. Wonít be long before we will be ready for engine beds which are also being replaced as look a bit shabby and as we move forward checking fastenings will replace any butt tingles/blocks and refasten as required few more photos for you viewing pleaser. IMG_1378.jpg


Tidahapah 03-02-2014 07:21 PM

Boy you certainly have taken on a big job but you are doing it justice.
Nice work.
hey what's this filling it with salt water, I would be spraying it with salt water if anything , the weight of water inside will exert too much pressure on the planks the wrong way.
When I built Tidahapah we never had any water on her until she splashed.
Just ensure that the caulking is not put in to tight so that when she swells the planks are not deformed.
Hope it all goes well she sure is going to be a better boat after all your attention.

Edelweiss 03-02-2014 07:38 PM

That is quite a transformation, but definitely a "labor of love".

I can hardly wait to see her done. Keep up the good work!! :thumb:

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