View Poll Results: How old are you?
Under 21....just a kid still...look, i'm 35 and still and always a kid 2 1.09%
21-35....ok, a little older, working hard, dreaming. 5 2.73%
36-45....probably so busy with family and young kids no time for anything 12 6.56%
45-55....omg aren't these kids ever going to be on their own and why must I work so hard 36 19.67%
55-65....I can see retirement in my future...or maybe I can retire early... 74 40.44%
65-75....Finally peace. Wish my body could keep up with my mind 51 27.87%
75-100....pinching myself. Life is wonderful even when it isn't. I'm thankful for each day 3 1.64%
100+....ok, couldn't resist...and no smart alecks pick this...that means you no no 0 0%
Voters: 183.

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