1979 Hughes Trawler Restoration (Please Help!)
I am cataloging my progress on this trawler. Her hull is 100% Tahitian Mahogany, and her interior is mostly teak (hopefully I won't mess her up too badly)
coat 5 of 8 (still fairing)
coat 5 of 8 (stilling fairing)
1st of 8 coats
1st of 8 coats Flag Blue hull
1st coat Flag Blue
priming, sanding, fairing...
sanding, priming, fairing, oh my...
sanding, priming, fairing...
sanding, priming, rot repair, fairing
sandin, priming, fairing
fairing sanding, priming
scraping, sanding, rot repairing...
week 1
week 1
week 1
week 1
Week 1
Week 1

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